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for your keys

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You get LEO and right keys in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and Italy .

LEO is fun!

From now on, there is a new home for your keys, which will cause friends' astonishment and enthusiasm.     

  • Experience a new comfortable feeling to open a door without annoying rattling or searching for the right key.
  • Realize how comfortable it is to find promtly the keyhole in the dark with the help of LEO lights.
  • And after all, be inspired by using LEO - test how easily a key can be turned in the lock with LEO.

LEO system is simple

Only two steps to own LEO

  • Buy LEO 
    • Customize keys 
      • Already finished 




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LEO Enthusiastic

Everyone who has ever opened his doors with LEO doesn't want to be apart from it, never. Several thousand proud and enthusiastic LEO owners confirm us this day after day.

LEO is both robust and light, adapted for stiff locks but nevertheless light, elegant and exclusive and comfortable to hold.

LEO cleans up!

LEO has caliber!

LEO is excellent

LEO has won! Namely, the Red Dot Award in the category : > Product Design 2015


Not only our customers are delighted with LEO, but also the industry experts and trade press are convinced of the functionality, so that they distinguished the LEO with the IT Innovation Award and voted best gadget of the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA).


Here you will find a small selection of tests and reports of LEO in the press:   Curved   ComputerBILD   Basic Tutorials

LEO at a glance

6 Slots for keys or

click-in system

Get your key by a push of a button

Control panel with
illuminated buttons



Charging with
micro USB



Lost and Found Program

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