This is how your keys become a part of the LEO Smartkey


Select LEO locksmith partner in your area, who will determine whether your keys can be copied

In case of standard keys, the LEO blank keys will be cut right on the spot and are then ready for insertion into the LEO smart key.

Insert the new LEO keys as described in the operating instructions and either make a note of the respective position or remember it.

If necessary, LEO keys can be exchanged at any time or inserted into other LEO smart keys.



Special patented LEO keys are required for use with LEO Smartkey. The LEO keys are cut from LEO blank keys, stocked by our locksmith partners. LEO keys are very lightweight and at the same time extremely resistant against bending due to the highest quality of materials, manufactured from aluminum and coated with titanium.


Although the most common standard and special profiles are compatible with LEO, not all types of keys are suitable for use with LEO. Requirements: the keys you wish to copy must have a thickness of bow of at least 1.0 mm to a maximum of 2.5 mm and must not exceed 11.5 mm in height (height of blade with end stop) and 32 mm in length (length of blade).