Here you can find the most important "recommended prices" to our product LEO. Note that these are just our RRPs. The retail prices are calculated by our dealers or locksmiths themselves and may differ from our recommended retail price.

Prices LEO + Accessories


LEO Smartkey

RRP 89,00 Euro  from 49,99 Euro

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LEO USB Flash Drive 16 GB


RRP 12,99 - 14,99 Euro


LEO Cover white or red

RRP  9,99 - 12,99 Euro


LEO Bag (for Belt)

RRP  9,99 - 12,99 Euro


Prices Key + Customizing


Standard key incl. cutting (LEOKEY-Blank  or Silca Standard-Blank with patented LEOKEY-Adapter)


RRP 9,99 - 12,99 Euro



Special keys customizing (Reworking of the head of your own patent keys with our patented LEOKEY Adapter)

RRP 9,99 - 14,99 Euro

Spare head (for the return of your customized key to the home owner, etc.)

RRP 2,99 Euro

Delivery time for keys


Available at our premium partners

Standard key

The partner has the most commonly used standard profiles on site and can immediately copy your key. You get a completely new key (LEOKEY) which perfect fit in your new Leo.

In addition, the partners can also order several thousand different standard profiles from us. Here you get also a completely new key with our patented LEOKEY adapter. Delivery time is about 5-10 working days.

Special keys (patent or locking key)

It's best to give your replacement or spare key (need not be previously copied) to our partners. They will send this anonymous to us. We work around the head and provide these with a special patented LEOKEY adapter. Delivery time is about 5-10 working days.

TIP: If a partner has problems or one of your keys does not work, please let him call us (03386-2115068). We can find a solution in most cases.

All recommended retail prices incl. VAT. Excl. Shipping costs (order of several keys incur of course only single shipping costs)