Hello LEO!


The worldwide first fully automated bunch of keys, LEO sets up the start of a new generation of keys: the smart key.
LEO substitutes an entire key ring and provides space for up to 6 keys.
Fully automated, these keys can be extended individually at the touch of a button and within just one second.


Thanks to its compact size, LEO fits into every pocket but yet it is easy to operate with just one hand: 
using the selection buttons, the respective key is selected and extended or retracted via the enter button. In case of a discharged battery, LEO can be operated manually.


LEO's two LED search lights make it easier to find a key hole in the dark. The lights are activated automatically when a key is extended. LEO controls light at a push of a button.


Optional accessories turn LEO Smartkey into a multi-functional tool.


LEO is not only practical, but also modern! Its elegant design and the use of high-quality materials make LEO a stylish and helpful accessory to use every day.


Special patented LEO blank keys are required for cutting standard keys for LEO. These are cut from existing keys by our LEO locksmith partners or LEO branch retailers (with locksmith services). The keys can be usually cut right on the spot. Of course, most of the special profile keys (so-called system keys or patented keys) are LEO compatible as well (see also FAQs Keys). In this case, the keys should be sent to our team to be cut, which cause somewhat longer lead times.