Any Questions?

Find here answers to the most important questions regarding LEO.

I unpacked my LEO, but it does not work.

Most likely, the device has not yet been switched on. Please take off the bottom cover (the operating instructions will tell you how) and set the small switch from OFF to ON using a thin pin (paper clip, ball pen refill or similar). Then just leave it switched on.


Which types of keys can be integrated?
LEO is compatible with most key profiles (door keys, letter box keys, master key system keys, patented keys etc.). Please have your keys checked by our locksmith partners.


Where can I cut my keys?
You can cut your keys for LEO by our trade partners (security shops, locksmiths and branch retailers).


Can I remove keys by myself?
Yes, you can easily exchange or remove individual keys by using the release button on the back of the LEO smart key.


How long does the charge of LEO Smartkey last?
The battery life is up to 3 months (at normal daily use).


How do I identify the low battery in time?
As soon as the battery begins to weaken, the integrated warning light will switch on. Once this light is on, the device can be used for an average of 10 to 15 times more.


How long does it take to charge the battery?
The battery will be fully charged in 4 hours.

How do I charge the battery?
LEO is charged via the micro USB cable or the charging station (optional).


What happens, if the battery is empty; am I locked out?
No, of course not. Should the battery be empty and nothing happens, all you need to do is take off the base cover. There you will find two wheels for mechanical operation in an emergency.


How do the controls work?
Using LEO is very simple. Each key is assigned a number, which is depicted on the LED display by way of the dice dots. Use the arrow buttons to select the individual number and extend the desired key at the touch of a button.


What else is included in the purchase of LEO Smartkey?
1 charging cable (micro USB), 1 key card, 1 operating manual.


Can LEO be used also for car keys?
Unfortunately not yet.


Which accessories are available for LEO?
 Exchangeable covers (cases) in various colors, bags, USB flash drives.


Can I also order other color covers for my LEO?
Yes, color covers in red and white are available.


What is the USB storage about?
It is possible to exchange a key with a practical flash storage stick. Now the 16 GB USB flash drive is available.