Is your key compatible?

It is estimated that between 50,000 and 100,000 different key profiles circulate on the German market. We have made LEO fit for the most common of those. Although most commonly used key profiles are compatible with LEO, please make sure to get an expert advice regarding which of your keys are definitely adaptable for LEO prior to any purchase. We differentiate between standard and special profiles.


Which requirements must the original key obtain?

The original key for duplication must have a bow width (1) between a minimum of 1.0 mm and a maximum of 2.5 mm and must not exceed a height (2) of 11.5 mm (blade + end stop) and a maximum blade length (3) of 32 mm.

95 % of keys fits with that conditions


What is a standard profile?

Standard profiles are key profiles that do not feature protected, manufacturer-specific profiles and/or do not feature master key system functionality. Usually, these keys can be identified by the fact that they are marked only with the manufacturer's name and/or only short numbers or by bearing no markings at all.

>> The most common standard keys by the following manufacturers are immediately available for delivery:

ABUS, BAB, BKS, BASI, Börkey, Burgwächter, CES, DOM, EURO-LOCKS, EVVA, Errebi, Huwil, JMA, Keyline, LAS, Lotus, LOWE&FLETCHER, MLM, Mister Minit, Renz, Saturn, Silca, TOK-WINKHAUS, TOP, Universal, Vachette, Wilka, Zeiss-Ikon

As a rule, standard keys feature no or only a short identification number.


What is a special profile?

Special profiles are "patented keys" or master key system keys, that is, all keys featuring a protected profile; for some of these you may even require a security card for duplication. As a rule, special keys feature a longer identification number and, in most cases, the name of the manufacturer.

>> The most common special keys by the following manufacturers are available yet require a slightly longer delivery period. please check with our Premium locksmith partners prior to purchase.

ABUS, ASSA, BAB, BKS, CES, CISA, DOM, EVVA, Jowil, KESO, TOK-Winkhaus, Vachette, Wilka, Yale.

As a rule, special keys feature a longer identification number.